LusciousSummary: Sweaty, Heart Stopping Stories of Back Door Play

Alison Tyler helps you discover all the erotic possibilities that exist between the sheets and between the cheeks in this daring collection. Explore the many pleasures of anal eroticism with every imaginable strategy for indulging in this popular but taboo sexual activity.

“Luscious” reminds us that “dirty” is not a bad word and can make what happens bent over a Harley, on the Appalachian trail, or in an anal sex classroom–some of the kinky locales in this collection–irresistibly arousing.


Luscious, by various authors 7.25

When the book club I’m part of decided to follow-up ‘Tasting Her‘ with “Tasting Him‘, I immediately went to buy the book at my local sex shop and bookstore. Then I discovered that they had two other books in the series. ‘Going Down’ seemed like more of the same. But ‘Luscious’ caught my attention.

I didn’t know there could be a full anthology of anal sex erotica out there. Of course there had to be one somewhere, but I just never really thought about it. And I was very curious to see what that would consist of; unlike some people, I’m certainly not averse to anal play. It’s not off the “menu”.

…though it is, admittedly, an acquired taste.

1. Cherry Bottom, by Shanna Germain: Our narrator is a woman who desires anal sex with her partner – but he’s been hesitant about it, so they take a workshop together, where the participants are taught and practice the basics. The story begins in the middle of the third day, as the group is taught anal massage. Told from her perspective, it’s really hot to hear how much she wants his finger to touch her there, and how much she wants him inside her. 8.0

2. The Hole That I Have, by Joy St. James: This one’s interesting because our narrator is a trans woman who is using men for anal sex but pretending that it’s vaginal sex. She keeps herself nice and ready on nights when she think she might hook up and makes sure that she has sex with them dressed, guiding them into her “tight cunt”. While the set-up didn’t do it for me, I liked reading about the way that she ensured that she could take a man on a moment’s notice. Nice. 7.5

3. Edward’s Experiments, by Saskia Walker: Although I didn’t find this one titillating, I enjoyed it because it felt real, as though the author was recounting a true experience. Here she recounts how her inquisitive partner uses the empirical method to explore his world, including sex. And so they get down to a number of activities just to see how much of a turn-on they are. Meh. But, again, it felt like reading a journal entry somehow; that was interesting. 7.0

4. Trophy Wife, by Kate Dominic: This one tells of a lesbian relationship in which the protagonist is the wealthy breadwinner and her spouse is the feminine housewife. It started off nicely, with the spouse masturbating in her garden while reading on her e-reader, but the rest of it got lost in the many descriptions of their lifestyle – which, having said that, painted a very good portrait of the characters. But I didn’t find it hot. 6.25

5. Natalie, by Michael Hemmingson: This one finds our protagonist at his friend Barry’s, watching cheesy kung fu movies, when their friend Natalie pops by, drunk. After a few more, she offers them sex – the two of them. But only anal, because she’s saving her pussy for her boyfriend, a roadie who’s away on tour. Anyway, our protagonist has sex with her, though Barry decides to go for a walk instead. I wasn’t so keen on this because it just jumped from one moment to the next, skipping all the natural transitions. The form was also weird in that it was a lot of bullet-point dialogue, and less description. Plus which the relationships, though probably realistic, were immature. 5.5

6. Something Dirty, by Erica Dumas: A bartender recounts how she really wanted to be taken in the ass one night, and how she seduced a weekend biker and got exactly what she wanted. I was really into how much she desired the act but, when push came to shove, I would have preferred more description of the pleasure she felt. This felt empty, like any quickie. Otherwise, it was okay. 7.25

7. Off the Rim, by Ayre Riley: In an obvious play on words, our protagonist gets the idea of rimming her sweaty boyfriend after watching him play basketball with his buddies. I loved her eagerness, but something about the setting just didn’t do it for me. Thankfully, it was brief enough that it didn’t matter. 7.0

8. Making Whoopie, by Marilyn Jaye Lewis: Evan Crane is a celebrity who is about to secretly get married to Dorianne, the woman of his dreams. As he awaits for her to arrive from Los Angeles, he masturbates while reminiscing about his bisexual exploits with her, his former cook, and other men. I enjoyed this story for its context and sexual versatility. It wasn’t especially erotic, but it was well-written. 7.5

9. Antonia’s Beast, by Dante Davidson: Our narrator is in a restaurant when his/her friend Antonia recounts an encounter she’s had with her musician boyfriend. Antonia is usually reserved, but she sometimes gets carried away and she’s drawing attention to herself as she tells of the oily massage she received and which ended up with anal sex. It was pretty uneventful and the writer balked on descriptions towards the end, which was unusual. Decent otherwise, just not hot. 6.5

10. How Can I Help You?, by Sage Vivant: A couple are in San Fran and are looking for some excitement. It comes in the form of a girl with a gothic Heidi look, who immediately responds to their glances, taking them to her place, where she guides them into a little backdoor action – on them both. This one felt like porn, in the sense that it didn’t mess around with atmosphere, or interstitial material. But it was hot anyway, brief though it may be. 7.75

11. Roger’s Fault, by Eric Williams: Chet has been coaxed into going out to play darts by his best friend, Roger. He feels unsure of the plan, however, because he’s expected at home. Afterwards, Roger tells him all he needs to do is buy Elena a little something as an apology – so he takes him to a sex shop. Soon Chet realizes that Elena has told Roger of his fantasy of having anal sex with her… and him. And so they arrange to fulfill his fantasy. Kinda hot, though I disliked the subterfuge. 7.5

12. You Want it?, by Jolie du Pré: Shakia’s stuck living with her mom, unable to maintain a long-term job, and currently out of a relationship. Her mother frowns upon her daughter’s lesbianism, being a Church lady, and sets her up with a friend’s daughter one night, hoping that this good girl will rub off on her. However, she’s anything but a good girl. This one didn’t waste any time getting to the juicy bits, and it was brief – which are nice qualities in a late-night quickie. 7.5

13. Don’t Wait, by Felix D’Angelo: This was hot. The narrator loves going down on his girlfriend, but she won’t allow him to due to her period. So he decides to introduce her to rimming instead, going easy on her at first and then really going deep. It’s brief, but the descriptions made up for it. Must’ve been my oral fixations at play here. 8.25

14. Impressionable, by Chris Bridges: A woman is getting irritated with her spouse’s reenactments of the porn films he watches every night before bed, wherein he dresses up and acts goofy. She’s indulged him for weeks, but now she decides it’s her turn to pick the movie. He agrees, but he’s in for a surprise. Frankly, this one wasn’t sexy at all, and I found both characters annoying. perhaps it was intended as levity, but I didn’t get it. 5.0

15. Butterflies and Myths, by Greg Wharton: I found the context interesting, because it’s set as the narrator’s boyfriend is leaving for work for a few months. There’s tension and insecurity there, but not enough to spoil their sex life. Interestingly, the same sexy descriptions would have turned me on greatly if it had been a hetero couple. I wasn’t put off at all, but it didn’t tease my imagination in the same way. Even more interesting is the gender-bending language used by Travis, where he refers to Todd’s penis as an “engorged clit” and even a “cunt”. 7.5

16. Sometimes it’s Better to Give, by Bryn Haniver: One day Julie tells Gregg that she’s tired of being on the receiving end, and wants to be the one doing it. Understanding though he may be, he hesitates, so she tells him she’s going to screw the babysitter. They go buy a strap on and invite Amber, their former babysitter, who’s back from college, for dinner. The evening quickly devolves into a !@#$-fest, as Julie decides that she has 5 holes she wants to fill. It was pretty hot, though not as descriptive as I usually like. 8.0

17. Tanya’s Tongue, by Thomas S. Roche: Our narrator has been with his girlfriend, Tanya, for ages. She’s a naughty girl, though, and one day she decides to surprise him. He knows that, when she gets a naughty idea in her head, it’s one for the books – and when she stick her tongue between his cheeks, he knows he’ll never forget it. It’s a decent set-up, but it’s a bit short for my taste. 7.5

18. Second Breakfast, by Xavier Acton: A couple are hiking on the Appalachian Trail and he gets turned on by watching her ass move in the tight-fitting clothes she always wears. Though they’ve been on the trail for days, he still can’t resist the urge to stick his tongue up her backside – something she also adores. And so they take a break from their hike for a post-breakfast snack. While the notion of cleanliness was firmly on my mind through this one (it had been six days out in nature, after all), it was still pretty hot. 7.5

19. Selling Point, by Carl Kennedy: A man is visiting an expensive house that’s up for sale. As Michelle, the real estate agent, shows him around, they find a secret room in the basement filled with all manners of bondage equipment. Seeing her reaction to it, he decides to make a move on her; they spend the next hour making use of that playroom. I liked the story, though I was incredulous about the room’s origin until it was explained at the end – I mean, who would leave something like this behind? Anyway, it was okay, but BDSM just doesn’t work for me. 7.5

20. Cindy’s Dowry, by Jean Roberta: Cindy is friends with Harv, a gay man who has been giving her a lot of his own sexy things. She got into the idea that she would like to try anal play with her girlfriend Shel, but has a difficult time broaching the subject. However, Shel is surprisingly receptive to the idea. What’s great about this story is that it feels fleshed out, unlike most of these; it’s well-developed and set-up. However, it didn’t tickle my brain quite the way others do. 7.5

21. The Captain’s Walk, by Dominic Santi: A guy inherits a haunted house on condition that it is maintained as a museum. He doesn’t believe in ghosts and is perfectly happy fleecing his clientele, but he eventually discovers that the ghost is real – and he’s a pirate captain. And he’s horny. Thus begins a dance of pegging and fucking with a pirate ghost. The story is well-told, but I just didn’t get into it. I also don’t believe in ghosts. 6.5

22. Room Service, by N. T. Morley: This story is proof positive that what turns me on is desire, that I’m very cerebral. Thing is, I’m not at all interested in fisting, in any form, not at all; it’s just totally impractical. But this story, in which the narrator tells us about his new lover, Jolie, a much younger woman who has recently divorced and who is exploring her sexual boundaries with complete zeal and abandon, really got under my skin; her desire was so strong, unwavering, that you could almost taste it. 8.25

23. Worth It, by Alison Tyler: A 19-year-old is becoming jealous that her 30-year-old fiancé has the upper hand on her sexually, that he’s had experiences she hasn’t – and won’t have them with her. She becomes particularly obsessed with the story of a fling he had in New York once with a sunglasses-wearing, spikey blonde who had him take her in the ass twice. She wants that too, if only to make things even. But he won’t, so she obsesses. She’ll eventually gets what she wants, though – but not quite in the way that she’d anticipated. Still, it was worth it. Her desire really made this one yummy. 7.5

24. Anal Sex in Montmartre, by Lavie Tidhar: I just don’t get poetry. I thought it was okay, but I didn’t get it. 3.0

25. The Missing Kink, by Sophie Valenti: A woman discovers that her gorgeous, hunky boyfriend loves to wear ladies’ underwear from time to time under his clothes. The moment he makes this confession, she is turned on by the idea of taking his ass. And so she does, with the help of fingers and a dildo – all the while sucking him off. Meh. Somehow, this left me cold. 7.0

26. Anal Submission… or Not, by D.L. King: A dom keeps asking her boyfriend why he’s submissive when he takes it in the butt – but she remains dominant when she does. This dialogue is central to their encounter, which initially has him trussed up with a spreader bar, but eventually finds her on the receiving end. I loved reading her perspective on the matter, but this sub-dom dance didn’t do anything for me. 7.0

I had been rather turned on by Toni Bentley’s ‘The Surrender‘, enough so that I sought out a copy for my personal collection, so I was really surprised by how wide-ranging the appeal of this anthology’s stories was – even more so than the other two books. I really expected it to be all or nothing.

But the most interesting aspect of ‘Luscious’ is the diversity of its shorts. It’s not just in-out in-out, as some might expect; the contexts are from all perspectives – gender, sexual orientation and even in the acts themselves. I thought that was a really nice touch. There’s a little bit for everyone.

You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

What do you think?

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