Another Gay Movie

Another Gay MovieSynopsis: In the dirtiest, funniest, most scandalous gay-teen-sex-comedy-parody ever, four young gay friends make a pact to lose their virginity by the end of the summer. The boys soon face giant sex toys, naked celebrities, masochistic teachers and an uncontrollable romance with a quiche. With a dozen jokes a minute and who’s who of gay celebrities (including Graham Norton, Scott Thompson, Ant and Richard Hatch) as you’ve NEVER seen them before, Another Gay Movie is a candy-colored romp where getting laid is all that matters!


Another Gay Movie 7.25

eyelights: its gay take on teen sex comedies. its spoof of ‘American Pie’. its gags.
eyesores: its low budget quality.

“And the moral of the story is: Real men take it up the ass.”

Is it just me, or is this film just slightly homoerotic?

I jest of course. ‘Another Gay Movie’ isn’t slightly homoerotic: It’s pretty damned gay! And I mean that in the best possible way: it’s so gay, in fact, that there isn’t a straight person in sight – at least, not one that isn’t converted at some point. And it’s so gay that it offers many different variations on the theme; it doesn’t just serve up stereotypes. There’s more than one kind of gay, and you can find most of them here.

I really liked ‘Another Gay Movie’.

Granted, it was made on a very limited budget, and it shows. Granted, it’s essentially a gay take on ‘American Pie‘, including many parallel sequences; it’s nothing especially original. But it’s much funnier and livelier than its straight brethren; you get the impression that writer-director Todd Stephens saw this as an opportunity to show people how its done and to give gays a voice (‘American Pie’ is particularly heterocentric).

The concept is simple, and familiar: Andy, Jarod, Griff and Nico, four gay friends who are about to graduate from San Torum high school, have never had anal intercourse. Desperate to lose their virginity, they make a pact to have butt sex by the end of the summer. Each go about it his own way, leading them to all sorts of wacky and raunchy misadventures; a sea of chiseled bodies and buff butts await them on their gay horizon.

As with most of these sex comedies, it’s all about the ensemble cast:

Michael Carbonaro plays Andy, the regular guy, and likely the audience’s surrogate. He’s the counterpoint to ‘American Pie’s Jim: he has a hilariously awkward opening sequence where his parents walk in while he’s masturbating with his mom’s vegetables, and also has a moment with a warm quiche Lorraine. Carbonaro makes Andy relatable, despite his *ahem* culinary choices and penchant for gerbils.

Jonathan Chase plays Jarod, the jock-type who likes to date all sorts of sporty guys. He’s obviously the counterpoint to ‘American Pie’s “Oz”, down to his mild cluelessness and vacant look. Thankfully, though, Chase is a much better actor than Chris Klein could ever hope to be. He gets a lot of fun moments, my favourite of which is watching him walk down the stairs over the guardrail because he’s so tall.

Mitch Morris plays Griff, the nerd/intellectual of the group. He has an extremely close relationship with Jarod, though it remains platonic. He dreams of building up a bubble butt so he hits the gym and ends up flirting heavily with Angel, his fitness instructor. I liked that Morris didn’t make Griff dorky; he’s a geek, and he’s mildly awkward, but he’s not risible. He’s actually kind of endearing.

Jonah Blechman plays Nico Hunter, the flamboyant one. He’s much more stereotypical, down to swishiness, fashion sense and the make-up – but he’s just one variation on the theme, so it was okay. He also gets some of the most outrageous situations, like dating a blind girl who can’t tell how gay he is, and the fact that his mother is in total denial that her son’s flaming. Blechman plays it up fairly well.

Ashlie Atkinson plays Dawn Muffler, the gang’s butchy party animal friend. Nicknamed “Muffler”, she’s the picture’s equivalent of ‘American Pie’s Stifler: crude, sex-obsessed, and a chick magnet. Atkinson’s performance is by far one of the weakest of the lot, but she gets so many funny moments that it can be overlooked. I especially loved that “Muffler” easily converted straight women – young and old.

Scott Thompson plays Mr. Wilson, Andy’s dad. This was a total surprise to me, and a welcome one: he’s always a hoot. Here he plays the equivalent of Jim’s dad, giving Andy advice along with various sex toys to get him started. He also has an underlying gayness about him that explains why Andy’s mom is a drag queen. Thompson eagerly chews up the scenery, which was a bit much for me, but I still love the guy.

Ultimately, ‘Another Gay Movie’ was a total romp. But I think it would be best appreciated by people who’ve seen ‘American Pie’, as there are TONS of references to the hit Hollywood film. Any viewer would also have to be ready for gross-out humour that involves enemas, butt plugs, giant dildos, fisting, bodily secretions, …etc. It’s not for the easily offended, but it pays off if you love your humour super extra raunchy.

On that count, ‘Another Gay movie’ truly delivers.

I can’t wait to see the sequel.

Story: 7.0
Acting: 7.0
Production: 6.5

Nudity: 5.0
Sexiness: 2.0
Explicitness: 6.5

Date of viewing: December 6, 2016

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