Wedding Crashers

Synopsis: Life’s A Party. Crash It.

Guided by a set of “wedding crashing rules,” John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) can charm their way into any wedding…and into the hearts of every bridesmaid. But at the biggest nuptials of the year, John breaks the rules and falls for the daughter (Rachel McAdams) of the US Secretary of Treasury (Christopher Walken), and Jeremy is left at the mercy of her “stage-five-clinger” sister (Isla Fisher). Being there for his buddy, Jeremy follows John to the family’s huge estate for a weekend that may even be too wild for these professional party guys.

Wedding Crashers 7.5

Well, this is definitely a movie to watch with other people: I first started watching it on my own and, left completely indifferent to what was going on onscreen, I ended up stopping it after 10 mins and waiting for a better opportunity. Then I finally watched it with two other people and enjoyed myself a fair bit. So I watched it again by myself, to enjoy the “Uncorked” edition, and found it only passable.


But, based on my first full viewing, I’d say that it’s a fun, but predictable, film. It’s funny, if a bit crass – but overall, it’s a solid, if clichéd, buddy comedy.

There really isn’t much to be said about a movie like this one, quite frankly –we’ve all seen plenty of them coming from Hollywood- however I found the acting was unimpressive. Case-in-point:

Vince Vaughn plays Vince Vaughn. Again.
Owen Wilson plays Owen Wilson. Again.
Rachel McAdams plays Rachel McAdams. Again.
Christopher Walken plays Christopher Walken. Again.

Only Jane Seymour seemed to be doing something different from her usual fare, playing a married woman on the prowl. Frankly, I had never seen her in this mode and I thought that she was a total blast – even if she was a little over-the-top. It actually makes me want to watch ‘Live and Let Die’ and ‘Somewhere In Time’ all over again.

Um… that’s about it.

Bottom line, if you usually like these actors, frequently enjoy Hollywood buddy-comedies, and are in need of a low-impact piece of entertainment after a hard day, you could do worse (just don’t be suckered by the “Uncorked” version – it doesn’t really add anything to the original theatrical version).

What do you think?

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