The Warriors

Synopsis: Can You Dig It?

Director Walter Hill claims his turf with The Warriors Ultimate Director’s Cut! It’s the stunning, must-see version of the classic film. The Warriors are ready to fight their way back to Coney Island, but standing in their path are some of the baddest, out-for-blood gangs in New York City. It’ll take every bit of street smarts and every weapon they can find to make it back alive!

The Warriors: Director’s Cut 8.0

Classic cinematic gangland candy for the cult film aficionado, ‘The Warriors’ is a low-budget action piece that follows the adventures of a small group of thugs through gang-infested streets – as they try to walk their way back home through the Bronx and Manhattan in the middle of the night.

A no-name cast, meagre production value, and a pretty simple plot shouldn’t mine cinematic gold – but ‘The Warriors’ manages to keep the pace going throughout, it is reasonably grounded (despite being comic-booky) and watching the characters’ struggles has an appeal that is hard to describe. Only the very end of the film is a letdown. And only a little bit.

For some reason, this film has grown on me. I would initially have given it a 7.0. And, when I last saw it, I rated it a 7.5. So I don’t know if it’s simply because it’s becoming a guilty pleasure of mine, or if it’s because this new “director’s cut” has inserted a few comic-book type panels and artwork throughout the film that I liked it more. But that comic book quality certainly seemed fitting enough, considering the genre.

So maybe that’s it. Or maybe ‘The Warriors’ is better upon multiple viewings. Well, like its namesake, it definitely keeps kicking long after it should have been forgotten (in fact, a remake is currently in pre-production!)

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