Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Synopsis: You Lose Some. You Get Some.

Peter (Jason Segel) is a struggling musician who finds his world turned upside down when his TV celebrity girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), dumps him for a tragically hip rock star. It’s the hysterically funny look at how far one man will go to forget a girl – and all the fun he finds along the way!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall 7.5

What can I say about this one? Well, it’s a comedy about a guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend, tries to deal with his sense of loss and makes an attempt to move on – all the while on a trip in Hawaii at the same resort as she’s staying. With her new boyfriend in tow, no less.

Sound funny enough for ya? I guess it is.

I say “I guess” because the jokes were apparent, and they weren’t bad, but, for some reason, I just didn’t laugh that much. Was I out of it that day? Or was the cast so humdrum that the jokes fell flat? I don’t know. All I know is that, at best, I found it amusing.

Essentially, this was an okay film that I wouldn’t hate seeing again, but I wouldn’t rush to see it again either. It’s nothing outstanding whatsoever – despite what I was led to believe.

A couple of notes about it, though (here be minor spoilers):

There was full-frontal male nudity. I couldn’t care less, but I found it amazing to see in an American film – in a romantic comedy, at that. And featuring a guy who is very average on all counts. And without tons of full-frontal female nudity to overcompensate. Progress? That’s for you to judge…

Another thing that surprised me is that the main character attempts to bed an ex at a time in his life when he’s trying to woo another. The only reason it doesn’t work out is because of his… um… physical dysfunction. This leads him to regret his course of action, spill the beans to his love-to-be, and demand forgiveness. And, lo and behold! She does (after some deciding that he hadn’t actually cheated on her – even though it was his intention to!). I found this both disappointing and ridiculous. Since when is infidelity so easy to brush off?

Aside from that, I’d say Sarah Marshall’s a pretty forgettable film.

What do you think?

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