En la cama

Synopsis: After meeting at a party, Daniela and Bruno spend the night together in a seedy hotel room passionately making love. But appearances aren’t always as they seem. While the two strangers catch their breath, they share their most intimate desires, reveal their darkest secrets and expose their emotional vulnerability in this erotically charged film from award-winning director Matías Bize.

En la cama 7.5

A man and a woman end up in a hotel room after a party. After an initial bout of carnality, these two strangers begin to share their stories and get to know and appreciate each other as people – not just as a one-time fantasies.

The concept of this piece, which could have fallen in the realm of the far-superior ‘Before Sunrise’, was a real draw: two people, one room and human interaction in the form of almost-continuous dialogue. The strength (or weakness!) of most movies is the writing, and this is where fantastic writing could really shine – when supported by a good, if not great, cast (which, in this case, turns out to be the former, not the latter).

Sadly, the characters felt very average and, thus, somewhat uninteresting to me. Granted, a few layers were peeled back along the way, but it seemed like nothing truly noteworthy took place between the movie’s foreplay and its goodbye kiss.

What do you think?

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