Cassandra’s Dream

Synopsis: Family Is Family. Blood Is Blood.

Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell star as working class brothers whose dreams of better lives lead to desperation, greed and deadly betrayal. When gambling debt and an expensive courtship place them in a financial bind, a rich uncle (Tom Wilkinson, Michael Clayton) offers them an out in exchange for committing murder. Featuring gripping performances from an all-star cast, “this family tragedy puts us near the edge of our seats and pulls us right along on its downward spiral”, (William Arnold, Seattle Post Intelligencer). Woody Allen returns in razor-sharp form with this “intense, intelligently-written and directed” (Jeffrey Lyons, Reel Talk) thriller that challenges how far a man should go in the name of family.

Cassandra’s Dream 8.0

Potent drama at its best – a bit of a Greek Tragedy, in fact: it’s the story of two brothers and how their ambitions, dreams and eventual choices tear their lives and their family apart.

It’s a fairly intense and captivating piece, even though it’s mostly dialogue-based. The film starts off by setting up the family dynamics and then it puts the main characters (played fabulously by Ewen McGregor and Colin Farrell) face-to-face with difficult decisions – decisions that would soon send them spiraling from moral quandary to internal chaos to self-destruction.

It’s by far the best of Woody Allen’s films from the last decade. I’d probably give it an 8.5 if not for the fact that I find some of the themes are a bit repetitious in his overall oeuvre. But this wouldn’t bother the regular Allen fan or those who have never seen his films before.

What do you think?

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