Synopsis: Chauffeur Willard Fillmore (Norm MacDonald) is over-abused and under-appreciated by his boss from hell, Miss Crock (Elaine Stritch). Desperate for a pay back, he enlists the help of his hotheaded best friend Rusty (Dave Chappelle), and they decide to dognap Miss Crock’s precious pooch and hold it for ransom. But when the dog escapes, and Miss Crock thinks Willard’s the one being held for a price, they must get help from the creepy and crazy mortician Grover Cleaver (Danny Devito) to cash in on the payoff. Now, the three have triple the trouble and triple the fun as they try to get even without getting “Screwed!”

Screwed 5.5

Similarly to my feelings with regards to Sarah Silverman (who, ironically, also appears in this movie), I kind of like Norm MacDonald – even though he’s such a bad actor that you want to hit him with a rubber frying pan very very hard.

I saw his previous effort, ‘Dirty Work’, and thought it was only alright. But I liked him. So, when I was given ‘Screwed’ as a gift, I pretty much put it at the top of my list of things to watch (the fact that it’s a short movie helped, because I could wedge it into my schedule much more easily than the LOTR trilogy ;).

I knew this wouldn’t be a masterpiece, even if one of the quotes on the box art claims it’s akin to ‘Airplane! (um… not quite). But, wow… this is NOT a good film. It’s, at best, a farce. At worst, one could easily look at it as a contrived, failed, attempt at zany humour.

Either way, I would not recommend this to anyone but die-hard fans of the cast (which also includes Dave Chappelle and Danny DeVito).

What do you think?

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