Deconstructing Harry

Synopsis: Harry Block wrote a bestseller about his best friends. Now, his best friends are about to become his worst enemies.

Harry Block has gone through three wives, six psychiatrists and dozens of girlfriends during his long literary career. But when Harry writes a bestseller about his best friends, his best friends become his worst enemies.

Deconstructing Harry 7.0

‘Deconstructing Harry’ is the story of a writer suffering from writer’s block who has to face his family and friends after having published a book largely based on their lives.

It’s a funny premise and, as is customary for Woody Allen, it features a large cast of notable Hollywood actors; it should be good. However, the movie has a dark side that overshadows the film’s humour – what could have been a funny movie (c’mon! Billy Crystal as a sarcastic Lucifer!) turns out being no fun.

The fact is, a drunk, irresponsible loser addicted to hookers isn’t a very redeeming main character – and hearing Woody Allen curse (seemingly) incessantly was a bit odd, considering how clean he usually plays them.

It’s still a good movie, but nowhere near the highs of even his average-quality work.

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