Broadway Danny Rose

Synopsis: Nominated for two Academy Awards®, Broadway Danny Rose is a “wickedly funny” (Playboy) and irreverent tribute to the zany world of New York lounge acts. A “delectable” (Variety) combination of dry wit, hilarious slapstick and biting philosophical subtext, Woody Allen’s Broadway Danny Rose is “tender, poignant, wistful and marvelous” (L.A. Weekly), and “one of [Allen’s] very best” (The New York Times)!

Saddled with piano playing parrots, one-legged tap dancers and stuttering ventriloquists, Danny Rose (Allen) is the all-time loser of show-biz agents – until a sudden nostalgia craze lands his top act, scheming crooner Lou Canova, a coveted gig at the Waldorf. But when Lou refuses to go unless Danny escorts Lou’s Mafia-moll mistress Tina (Farrow) to the concert, the stage is soon set for disaster. Taken with Tina, taken in by Lou, and even taken hostage by gangsters, Danny embarks on a hilarious and bittersweet adventure in his desperate bid to ensure that the show does go on… before it’s curtains for more than his career!

Broadway Danny Rose 8.0

After having tripped up for a couple of films, Woody Allen returns in what would turn out to be the first volley in a decade of fine filmmaking.

In this movie, Allen plays the blindly optimistic manager of a series of low-grade lounge acts; his acts consist of a balloon animal-making duo, a blind xylophonist, a stuttering ventriloquist and many other poor schleps. Down on his luck, he finds a washed up lounge singer in whom he has the utmost confidence and tries to groom him to success – with mixed results.

Broadway Danny Rose features very funny jokes, the pace is pretty good, and the acting is solid. It’s not Woody Allen’s best, but well worth seeing.

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