Husbands and Wives

Synopsis: Woody Allen’s critically-acclaimed comedy is a hilarious game of martial musical chairs, as two New York couples re-examine their marriages and find themselves wanting more. Allen stars with Mia Farrow as a long-married couple whose own relationship starts to crumble when their best friends, played by Sydney Pollack and Judy Davis, announce they’re separating. They immediately pair up with younger, sexier paramours and enjoy again the pleasures of fresh passion. but smoldering resentments and unexpected jealousies soon rise to the surface, erupting in savage humor and hilariously unpredictable reunions. A directional tour-de-force, “Husbands and Wives” is a comic valentine from an American Master.

Husbands and Wives 8.0

I had seen this movie a decade ago and thought it was a drama. However, the box says “fiercely funny”, so I decided to watch it tonight – being in the mood for a good laugh.

Turns out that my original impression was right: it’s a drama – a pretty sober one at that! Oh, I laughed 2-3 times, but that doesn’t count – a Woody Allen comedy usually strings me through one chuckle after the other!

But it’s still a very good movie, a solid one really.

It’s nothing new for Woody, quite frankly: two long-married couples deal with their various neuroses and changing needs in ways that makes one wonder if people ever wise up and learn from their life experiences.

It’s well-acted, well-scripted, and the direction is just fine (Allen’s direction is never really genial – it’s pretty basic). But it’s sometimes maddening to watch people do things that they should know better than to do – especially after a certain age, when wisdom should be seeting in. I keep wondering just how messed up people truly are and if there’s any hope for long-term happiness if they can rarely sort anything out over time or figure out their own hearts.

Again, like I was saying, it’s kind of sobering. Not what I had in mind.

And now for someting a bit different…

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