Everyone Says I Love You

Synopsis: Romance meets comedy in Woody Allen’s first movie musical, and it’s a glorious celebration of love that had audiences laughing and critics cheering. In interwining stories, Joe’s (Woody Allen) attempt to win the heart of Von (Julia Roberts) takes him to scenic Venice and Paris, while his ex-wife Steffi (Goldie Hawn) and her current husband, Bob(Alan Alda), deal with erupting family matters in their swank but crowded Manhattan apartment. In the meantime, Steffi (Drew Barrymore), is torn between two boyfriends (Edward Norton and Tim Roth), adding to the complications. But through it all, Allen’s dream cast knows the perfect moment to express their emotions with a classic love song or a hilarious production number. Musicl comedy has seldom been played with such wit, humor and sophistication. Get ready to fall in love with love.. And to sing the praises of Everyone Says I Love You!

Everyone Says I Love You 7.5

God I hate musicals. And just because Woody Allen made one doesn’t mean that I can stand the genre more. In fact, there are only a handful that I can watch without feeling queesy, like ‘The Blues Brothers’, ‘Star!’ and ‘Victor/Victoria’ (and a few others).

But Woody Allen at least made one that I find (relatively) palatable. I hated the musical bits, of course, but at least the rest of the story held up – unlike those musicals that find tenous ways to tie musical numbers together.

I did like one particular sequence, though, and it was the one at the end between Allen and Goldie Hawn:

For one, I was impressed with Hawn’s singing and dancing skills. Secondly, it was a graceful fantasy that was more akin to a ballet than a pompous Broadway showpiece. Frankly, I wish that musicals had more of this; then, maybe I would find appreciation for them.

Not Allen’s best, but a nice effort.

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