Dead and Breakfast

Synopsis: Six friends on a road trip gone wrong. A sleepy, creepy Texas town. A sinister inn with murder on the menu. And an army of the undead who can only be stopped by decapitation or chainsaw. If you think you’ve seen it all before, you’re DEAD wrong! Eric Palladino (EP, U-571), Ever Carradine (Once and Again), Jeremy Sisto (Wrong Turn, Six Feet under) and Gina Phillips (Jeepers Creepers) star in this action-packed, blood-drenched horror/comedy that takes the genre to outrageous new extremes!

Diedrich Bader (The Drew Carey Show), Portia de Rossi (Arrested Development) and David Carradine (Kill Bill) co-star in this acclaimed independent hit that Fangoria Magazine calls “slapstick and horrifying… a mix of ghouls, giggles and gore!”

Dead and Breakfast 6.0

Another ”zombie” comedy (and again a loose variation on the theme, in that they are mostly all “possessed”!), but with very mixed results.

It’s so hard to say if the actors were bad or good at being bad. Urgh. And the attempts at comedy were hammy at best and so over-the-top sometimes that it was unclear if it was staged that way – or just grossly incompetent.

But there were some gruesome effects that might please gore-hounds, and there were amusing musical interludes and animated chapter breaks that helped the movie lurch along. Plus, there were a couple of relatively strong female characters – and, considering the usual caliber of female parts in horror films, this is a huge plus.

So, while the title is dead funny, and they did try to provide some shlocky, b-movie fun, it barely survives to bite another day. For the curious only.

What do you think?

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