Graveyard Alive

Synopsis: She’s a man eater!

Dowdy nurse Patsy Powers is regularly ridiculed by her colleagues – but when a zombie-infected woodsman checks into Patsy’s hospital, she is transformed into a flesh-eating sex kitten! With newfound powers and bursting sexuality, Patsy adapts to her new, satisfying, undead reality and aims to win back her old flame, the handsome Dr. Dox, from her archrival Goodie Tueschuze.

Graveyard Alive 6.5

A very very low-budget zombie film from Montreal, this gravely mistitled film takes place almost wholly in a hospital (or what passes as one, as is the case).

The premise is simple and relatively amusing: a nerdy nurse gets bitten by a zombie and suddenly gets her mojo on – whereas she was once ignored and mocked, men are all suddenly obsessively attracted to this undead nurse. As can be expected, tensions build between her and some of the other nurses and the brains hit the fan.

Evidently, this movie was put together by female filmmakers, and I quite liked their twist on a pretty stale genre – so I gave them a few extra points for trying. But it’s a technically weak film, filled with some morbidly bad performances (albeit perhaps purposely so!), horrific overdubs, and a cadaverous production quality.

…but if you’re one of those who enjoys throwing popcorn at a cheese-filled b-movie with your friends, you could do worse.

What do you think?

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