Synopsis: Pray It Doesn’t Happen To You

With Rabid, acclaimed director David Cronenberg (The Fly, Dead Ringers, Crash, Naked Lunch) delivers a high-tension, thriller the way only Cronenberg can.

After undergoing radical emergency surgery, Rose (adult film star Marilyn Chambers in her first leading role in a mainstream film) develops an insatiable desire for blood. She searches out victims to satisfy her incurable craving, infecting them with an unknown disease which in turn swiftly drives them insane and equally bloodthirsty.

Follow the lovely but deadly Rose through her terrifying ordeal as victim by victim the spreading circle of casualties grows… until no one can escape their grisly fate of becoming… Rabid.

Rabid 7.0

One of David Cronenberg’s first films and, while not his best, it already demonstrates his flair for horror and it showcases what would end up being a recurring theme in his career: man’s relationship with technology.

Seriously, Cronenberg must be really uncomfortable with the marriage of our natural and artificial worlds, because he frequently roots the degradation or horrific metamorphosis of his characters in these kinds of bonds.

In this case, technology is the cause of the main character’s transformation into a vampire (but not the batty, Bram Stoker kind!). In turn, the vampire’s attacks leave its victims in a zombie-like state. Evidently, as one might expect, under the effects of this inexplicable plague, the whole countryside and the city of Montreal (it is, after all, a Canadian film) then become overwhelmed by total carnage.

It’s a simple premise, and it doesn’t demand much from the audience, but it’s effective enough. So, if you like Cronenberg, or this kind of horror film, you’d be hard-pressed to dislike ‘Rabid’.

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