Synopsis: This serial killer is about to meet his match.

This cutting-edge thriller stars William Baldwin (Say Nothing, Fair Game) as a seductive mass murderer who meets hit match when he encounters a sexy young woman named Gabriela (Angela Jones – Pulp Fiction, Man on the Moon), assigned to clean up one of his crime scenes. But when she literally uncovers crucial evidence linking him to the crime, the killer pursues Gabriela… only to discover that she shares his disturbing fascination with murder! Uniquely original, Curdled is a hot-blooded thriller with unpredictable twists and a shockingly memorable climax!

Curdled 8.0

Wow… I didn’t expect to enjoy this movie so much: ratings weren’t favourable and it looked like it could suffer from idie-itis – you know, well-meaning low-budget movies that miss the mark.

But I was totally taken in by the performance of Angela Jones. She played Gabriella full of naiveté and childlike wonderment which, in turn, really emphasized the humourous qualities of the situations. Here we have a grown-up little girl who is completely mystified by death and is drawn to it like a moth to a flame; she just wants to gaze into the face of death and figure it all out.

So she gets a job in a post forensics cleanup company, and starts to piece a series of crimes together by re-enacting them in her mind and, in one instance, through an almost angelic danse macabre. This disturbs some of her colleagues, but it doesn’t seem to faze her suitor, who gradually lets himself get involved in her hobby. Of course, all of this gets her closer to the story’s serial killer and she becomes a partner in a more serious dance of death.

The movie obviously is not for all tastes; it’s dark and could be unsettling for some – as not can laugh in the face of death. But the movie, while a bit gruesome, is hardly exploitative and isn’t gory. In fact, all that we really see is blood – it’s nothing like what we see in modern movies and nothing like you might expect from a movie such as this (personally, I think that they took the high road where other, lesser filmmakers, would have taken it to the lower depths of Hell)

Anyway, with an exuberant latin soundtrack to move things along on an up beat, and the bubble-gum blowing innocence of Gabriella, I think that it’s difficult to dislike. I had heard about it some dozen eyars ago, and only recently got my hands on it. It was well worth the wait.

What do you think?

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