The Company Of Wolves

Synopsis: The desire… the fantasy… the nightmare.

In the dead of night, the beast is unleashed.

Director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Interview With A Vampire) has a well earned reputation for lushly photographed films with arresting and evocative themes. The Company Of Wolves is his imaginative reworking of “Little Red Riding Hood” as a wonderfully wicked fairy tale for adults. Angela Carter adapted the screenplay from her own short story.

The story unfolds as young Rosaleen (Sarah Patteson) lies dreaming in her bed. A violent nightmare transports her back in time to a world of primeval forests and werewolves. In this netherworld she learns that her only sister has been killed by a wolf. Her Granny (Angela Lansbury) weaves vivid tales of folklore and fantasy with warnings of fantastic beasts that lurk within men and foretelling the fate of all young girls who stray from the path.

The Company Of Wolves is a unique excursion into horror-bathed in sensual imagery, punctuated with nightmarish special effects, and destined to become a modern cult classic.

The Company Of Wolves 8.0

This is what you get when you mix a fable like Red Rdiing Hood with the fantasy world of ‘Labyrinth’ (sans David Bowie and the lame songs) and the creepiness of ‘The Howling’. And it’s not a bad mix at all.

Granted, the effects are a bit dated, in a so-very-’80s kind of way (hence the ‘Howling’ reference), but the cast is really great. And the story, albeit relatively simple, is rather engaging.

What makes the movie flow so well despite its simplicity is that it’s a story within a story and it frequently goes one level beyond that. It’s a nice approach, as it’s a great way to tell many little short stories in one go.

While they may not be bedtime stories, they make for a pretty accessible scary movie – as it’s not really gory (except for one minor scene) or overly scary.

…unless one is genuinely frightened by wolves and werewolves, of course.

2 responses to “The Company Of Wolves

    • I actually don’t remember how much of a connection it has with Little Red Riding Hood, but it’s certainly worth a look; it has a unique flavour and interesting style.

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