Synopsis: The last two men against a female world.

From Poland’s most popular and successful director comes this bawdy, sensational international blockbuster. Sex meets science fiction as two scientists awaken after a 50-year cryogenic slumber to discover a post apocalypse world in which they are the only two men left on Earth!

An Amazon race, dressed in transparent plastic, now controls an underground world. The women will allow the two men to live, under one condition – they must sacrifice their “manhood!”

Unwilling to accept these terms, the pair escapes, setting off a series of wild escapades in the new world order. Can they survive and re-establish the male population? Beloved Polish actor Jerzy Stuhr stars in a cutting satire on the eternal battle of the sexes.

Seksmisja 6.5

Imagine ‘Sleeper’ crossed with ‘Logan’s Run’, made on a shoe-string budget, and ‘Seksmisja’ is what you get.

A friend recommended it, and in the first few moments I got really worried that he had slipped me a soft porn film – it looked like some of those early ’70s European exploitation films (ahem… I mean “art films”). But I guess that’s just what you’d have to expect out of a low-budget Polish film from the early ’80s. Clearly their movie industry wasn’t booming.

I wanted to like it. The look was interesting, certainly original (what one does with very little can sometimes enhance a film, I find), and there was a lot of eye-candy – of the feminine kind.

…but in the end the performances were with full of ham and many of the scenes were covered in cheese – all delivered between stale ‘twists’ and ‘turns.’.

It was hardly nutricious or delicious, and I almost wish it hadn’t been on the menu.

What do you think?

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