Jersey Girl

Synopsis: Hollywood favorites Ben Affleck (Daredevil, Paycheck, The Sum of All Fears and Liv Tyler (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Armageddon) shine in this heartwarming all-star comedy about a guy who think he’s lost it all, only to discover he’s got everything he needs! Ollie (Affleck) is a smooth successful big-city publicist who has the life he’s always wanted – until things take an unexpected turn and he finds himself an unemployed single father back living with his dad in the suburbs. But just when he thinks his life has hit rock bottom, a sexy, no-nonsense video store clerk (Tyler) enters his life and shows Ollie that sometimes you have to forget who you thought you were and acknowledge what really makes you happy. Also starring Jennifer Lopez (Maid In Manhattan) and Jason Biggs (American Pie) – director Kevin Smith (Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back) has delivered another hit critics are calling one of the year’s funniest!

Jersey Girl 7.0

While by no means as bad as it was made out to be upon its release, ‘Jersey Girl’ certainly isn’t Kevin Smith’s best film.

For starters, I find most of the performances somewhat lacklustre. When George Carlin is a standout performer, you know the rest are uneven. Not that Carlin is terrible – he just isn’t much of an actor.

And it’s a shame, because the story is a fairly good family-themed movie – and it’s sweet and funny. I love that they tackle single-parenthood from a father’s point of view because it’s such a rare thing (or, at least, it appears that way to me).

The cast is good, though, in the sense that they all look the part and should technically pull this off like magic. But the magic is not there.

‘Jersey Girl’ is by no means a bust, and it’s certainly worth the time. But it’s neither memorable.

What do you think?

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