Clerks II

Synopsis: Writer-director Kevin Smith returns to the scene of his cult comedy classic Clerks to pick up his nothing-is-sacred style of humor… and push it right over the edge!

Ten years after the original, slacker heroes Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson) have become “funployees” at Mooby’s fast food. In addition to offending customers and debating anything and everything, their responsibilities now include ragging on their uber-nerd co-worker (Trevor Fehrman) and teasing their sexy manager (Rosario Dawson). But when Dante announces his plan to leave New Jersey, Randal plots a shocking and hysterical going-away party that will alter their lives forever. Featuring cameos by Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Wanda Sykes, and the triumphant return of Jay and Silent Bob.

Clerks II 7.5

Well, this movie not only seals the deal on Kevin Smith’s “Jersey” series, but it completes my Kevin Smith extravaganza (aside from his last two speaking engagements – that’s for later).

As the title suggests, it’s a revisiting of some of the characters from the first movie, most notably Dante, Randal, Jay and Silent Bob. Almost everyone’s in tip-top shape here and bringing back the spirit of the original, but, oddly enough, Jay was… um… different. He feels maybe a little less spirited than he once did. Maturity? Sobriety?

Rosario Dawson was a real breath fo fresh air in this one, after the weak casting of the female leads in the original. She hit all her marks and I really liked her. Granted, she can be inconsistent (‘Sin City’, anyone?), but she was just right for this movie: likeable, intelligent and believable.

And the film was “just right”, overall. Granted, it doesn’t have the edge of Smith’s earlier films (including ‘Clerks’), but it ties everything up nicely and relatively believably. Oh, sure, there are some contrivances and some lame rip-offs of the original, but fans could hardly be unhappy with the end result.

…and I would actually be curious to see a ‘Clerks 3’ in another 15 years – if only to see where these slackers are in their lives.

7 responses to “Clerks II

  1. ‘Dogma’ is awesome! Well, except for the $/!t monster, I mean. This and ‘Clerks II’ have a few really nasty but hilarious lines that will forever stay with me 🙂

    I think my favourite is ‘Chasing Amy’ at this point, even though there’s less Jay and Silent Bob in it. I know, I know… it’s counter-intuitive, but the dialogue is so rich and I love what Smith tackles in it.

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