A Sound of Thunder

Synopsis: One Tiny Change…And The Future Is History.

If you change something in the past, will it affect the present? “Yes!” says this eye-filling, time-travel thriller based on the classic Ray Bradbury story and directed by Peter Hyams (Timecop, End Of Days).

Chicago, 2055. Time Safari, Inc. led by its slick CEO (Ben Kingsley), offers the hottest ticket around: an expedition into the past to hunt dinosaurs. Just don’t bring anything back. Someone does. And 65 million years of evolution jump the tracks. Vegetation engulfs buildings. Carnivorous insects attack. Highly evolved dinosaur descendants turn humanity from predator to prey. It used to be our world. Now it’s theirs…unless two scientists (Edward Burns and Catherine McCormack) can somehow turn back the clock.

Take 9 parts of ‘Jurassic Park’, mix it with 1 part of ‘Stargate’, put the mixture in the first available time machine, shake vigorously and what do you get?

A Sound of Thunder 4.5

Boy… I was mostly bored, despite the decent pacing and interesting premise; I just didn’t care and was looking forward to the credits. *yawn*

As for the science… well, it was probably more rooted in fiction than they intended, due in part to severe lapses like returning to the same point in time continuously without meeting up with previous versions of themselves. Duh…

By the way, how did Edward Burns transform himself from a promising indie filmmaker into a poor man’s Ben Affleck?

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