The Last Seduction II

Synopsis: Seduction. Deadly Revenge. International Scandal. All inia day’s work.

Bridget Gregory is a beautiful and accomplished woman… after having successfully run with her husband’s illicit drug profits and framed someone else for his murder, she’s on a roll of achievements.

Bridget steals away to Spain, a land as exotic as she. Here she preys upon the owner of a high-profit phone sex shop and lets her scheming and greed race back to the surface. But just as Bridget’s future begins to look wealthier, her past starts to catch up with her…. Time is closing in, but so is Bridget, as she sets a trap for everyone who threatens her plans.

The Last Seduction II 3.5

The Last Seduction is one of my all-time favourite films. Linda Fiorentino’s ice queen is one of the all-time great silver screen performances in my book: she’s an unlikeable character, yet you take pleasure in watching her manipulate everyone her until you end up rooting for her. In fact, she would have been nominated for an Academy Award if not for the fact that the movie was released on TV before it got a theatrical run. That’s a real shame.

This sequel, which features NO ONE from the original production, is a paltry effort to rake some $$$ off the reputation that the original has carved for itself. But the script is laughable, cheesy and unengaging. Furthermore, no one in that movie deserves in good conscience to be called an “actor”, and the essence of the original can hardly be found anywhere. Ick.

It’s quite frankly one of the worst movies I’ve seen this year. I knew to expect little, but I had hoped a little too hard. Dismal.

What do you think?

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