The Fade Out, Act Three

Synopsis: The final act of the bestselling Hollywood noir comic from the award-winning team of Brubaker and Phillips!


The Fade Out, Act Three, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips 8.0

In this concluding collection of ‘The Fade Out’, Ed Brubaker finally reveals the truth behind the death of Val Sommers.

Who’s behind it?

Was it Al Kamp, co-founder of Victory Street Pictures? A senile old man with a disturbing past?

Was it Victor Thursby, co-founder of Victory Street Pictures? A powerful exec who’s been trying to bury a few leads?

Was it Earl Rath, dashing leading man? A mysterious party animal and womanizer?

Was it Tyler Graves, Hollywood heart-throb? A troubled star who the studio is always rescuing?

Was it Maya Silver, Valerie’s replacement? An actress who had coincidentally lost the leading role to Val?

Was it Gil Mason, blacklisted screenwriter? A raging alcoholic with a huge chip on his shoulder?


Was it Charlie Parish, screenwriter for a blacklisted friend? An alcoholic suffering from blackouts?

I can’t tell you.

All I can say that it’s neither a surprise nor is it unsatisfying; the outcome is exactly what you would expect contextually, given the era and setting.

I’m a fan.

Brubaker has done it again.

What do you think?

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