Suor Emanuelle

Synopsis: In this most unorthodox entry in the series, Emanuelle (the breathtaking Laura Gemser) has renounced her life of lust to become a cloistered nun. But when she is assigned to a remote convent school for wayward girls, this delectable Bride Of Christ will face temptations that include a teenage nymphomaniac (Kirsten Dunst look-alike Mónica Zanchi of EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS), a horny escaped criminal (Gabrile Tinti of FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX and EMANUELLE IN BANGKOK) and a class full of curious virgins eager to experience sins of the flesh. Can Emanuelle resist the erotic pleasures of her past, or will she break her vows and surrender to the ultimate orgy of unholy desire? Rick Battaglia (A FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE) co-stars in this wild hybrid of ‘Nunsploitation’ shocks, ‘Naughty Schoolgirls’ sleaze and steamy Emanuelle delights!


Suor Emanuelle 5.75

eyelights: Laura Gemser. Mónica Zanchi. its sexy bits.
eyesores: its dull plot. its lack of imagination and stimulation.

In the continuing saga that is the ‘Black Emanuelle’ series, ‘Suor Emanuelle’ finds itself nestled neatly between the releases of ‘Emanuelle in America‘ and ‘Emanuelle – Perché violenza alle donne?’.

However, unlike the other two, which are official entries in the series, ‘Suor Emanuelle’ is an unrelated picture that essentially cashes in on the popularity of Laura Gemser’s “Emanuelle” character.

This one finds a young troublemaker, Monika, being sent to a convent by her wealthy father to set her right. She is left under the care of Sister Emanuelle, who has been trying to redeem her mysterious past.

Naturally, Monika sees this as an opportunity to corrupt the beautiful young nun.

She’s also a naughty influence on Anna, her roommate, the convent’s best and most virtuous student. This leads not just to a sexy scene, but to conflict, as Anna becomes jealous of Emanuelle’s attentions.

There’s a subplot of a local criminal being found and seduced in a shed by Monika. She then hides him in the convent, and spends her nights with him. She later contrives for Emanuelle to find him there.

Naturally, this leads to seduction.

The bulk of the picture consists of Monika’s sexy flirtations, with co-star Zanchi finding herself in the nude much of the time. Thankfully, Zanchi has a girl-next-door quality about her that’s watchable.

Fans of Laura Gemser, however, would be disappointed by her… ahem… limited exposure. She strips a fair bit for a nun, even taking a shower, but she has few sexual encounters given that she’s in a nunnery.

Fans of nunsploitation flicks might decry the lack of naughtiness, in that, aside for Monika and Anna’s single encounter, there’s no other nun-on-nun action. And here I thought the habit was just a façade.

C’mon! Isn’t all that sexual repression expressed somehow?

Oh well…

The picture is pretty boring, because it’s neither especially sexy, atmospheric or lovely to look at. And what little plot there is is strained and unbelievable – which is saying a lot given its sparseness.

There is, however, and amusing scene in which Monika lies to Emanuelle to gain her sympathy, telling the disquieted nun that she’d recently been violated by three young men while she was on the beach.

However, the flashback unfolding as she recounts her “horrific” tale shows quite the reverse, with Monika blatantly seducing all three of them – yes, at once. Monika is mischievous and full of secrets.

…including the real reason she’s been sent to the convent.

But, all told, ‘Suor Emanuelle’ is not nearly as entertaining as ‘Emanuelle in America’ was. Thankfully, it’s also not nearly as offensive. Or at all, really. Still, there’s very little to recommend it.

Emanuelle has been hotter than this.

Despite the sexy tunic.

Story: 5.0
Acting: 6.0
Production: 6.5

Sexiness: 3.0
Nudity: 4.0
Explicitness: 4.0

Date of viewing: May 25, 2017

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