Sunstone, vol. 2

Sunstone 2Summary: Two women – Ally and Lisa – find they’re the perfect domme and sub for each other. Everything seems perfect. And yet… . remember, it’s all fun and games till someone falls in love! The hotly-anticipated second volume of the BDSM romance graphic novel that (consensualy) took the world by storm! Originally a webcomic sensation, Sunstone is an erotic romantic comedy about fetishism, sexuality and relationships.


Sunstone, vol. 2, by Stjepan Sejic 7.75

‘Sunstone, vol. 2’, in which we learn more about Ally and Alan’s backgrounds, from their initial relationship to their current friendship. And in which they visit Crimson, a local BDSM club.

It’s a loaded story, what with Alan having been picked on at school, initially thinking Ally was mocking him (after she saw him draw BDSM gear), then becoming friends, then playfriends, then lovers.

Then there’s the no-small matter of Marion, a girl that Alan was later seeing, after their own couple dissolved, and that Ally inadvertently “broke”, leaving both of them deeply scarred.

And scared. For two years, Ally has avoided the Crimson club (where the incident took place), and she is worried that she will hurt Lisa. Ally’s vulnerabilities begin to show, and their relationship grows.

This volume of ‘Sunstone‘ discusses trust in BDSM relationships, gets into the psychology of it more than before. It’s not just about hormones, about getting off; there’s something far deeper to it.

I understand it intellectually, even as it leaves me completely indifferent. I just don’t view sex that way: I can’t get into the idea of power games in the bedroom – there are plenty in real life as is.

And yet you’d think that a control freak like me, and one with trust issues at that, would be into BDSM, but I like to control my own life, not anyone else’s. And trust can be built in other ways.

Well, maybe I’m missing something.

According to ‘Sunstone’, and many practitioners of BDSM, apparently I am. But I’m not even remotely intrigued. I love the clothes and the style, but that’s about it for me. The rest doesn’t pull me.

Having said this, I love ‘Sunstone’. It’s a mature look at the subculture and the core of the book is the developing relationship between Ally and Lisa, which is absolutely lovely and feels real.

And, you know, I’m a sucker for a good love story.

If I have any complaints, it’s that all the characters are model-like, thin and with beautiful features. I guess birds of a feather flock together, but it’s mildly annoying to see so little diversity.

Even if I do enjoy the eye candy.

Ultimately, I wasn’t as enticed by this one, perhaps because it wasn’t nearly as sexy as the previous book. But it’s a remarkable work by Sejic, who pens and draws the whole thing. This is gorgeous on many levels.

I look forward to reading more.

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