Anatomy of Sex

Anatomy of SexSynopsis: As one young couple settles down to start a family learn how biological and evolutionary forces conspire to keep the human race running. Our bodies work in specific subtle ways for one reason only: making more humans. Travel inside the body to see what happens to both men and women when attraction occurs and when orgasm finally ensures the possibility of replicating ourselves. Learn why humans are one of only 3% of all mammal species that require both a male and a female for care giving. And discover the evolutionary significance behind the fact that humans mate front to front.


Anatomy of Sex 7.25

eyelights: the CGI and MRI visuals showing the workings of sexual arousal.
eyesores: the traditional views espoused.

“We are by far the sexiest creature on this planet.” – Helen Fisher

‘Anatomy of Sex’ is a 42-minute television documentary that was produced for the Discovery Channel in 2005. It purports to show us the complex mechanisms behind all of the mystifying sexual functions that we take for granted.

It uses CGI to show use exactly how everything works and also shows us MRI imagery of a couple (a different one from ‘Science of the Sexes‘) having sex to scan their orgasms (It’s super sexy: A single scan can take 12 minutes!).

Noted biological anthropologist Helen Fisher also uses an MRI to try to record love on the brain, showing a female subject various pictures and then pictures of her beloved, to see the difference. Unfortunately, the results aren’t explored.

Another researcher, at the Kinsey Institute, experimented with alternately showing non-sexy and sexy pictures and videos and analyzing the responses that a male and a female subject have, using genital and other bodily probes.

It’s fascinating stuff.

The show starts at the beginning, explaining how we evolved from being on all fours to standing upright – which has changed our focus and shifted our bodies (ex: the vagina moved forward and the penis has become larger and thicker).

Various researchers and specialists also explains the impact of kissing, our constant state of arousal, the bodily changes due to arousal, how a male erection takes place, how the body delivers orgasms, and briefly touches on anorgasmia.

There are also testimonials from couples who talk about what turns them on about their partners, what they find sexy, what orgasms feel like for them, …etc. And a hipster playa explains his theories om sex and attraction.

But, as with ‘Science of the Sexes’, the messaging annoyed me: A woman wants a man to satisfy her every need, but a man wants every woman to satisfy his only need, they say. Helen Fisher claims this is why men will take any opportunity for sex.

Yep. Social conditioning has nothing to do with it whatsoever.


Ultimately, the conclusion of ‘Anatomy of Sex’ is that our only reason for existing is to procreate. Ugh. Still, there was some interesting science behind it all. And, although it was only superficially explored, it was quite interesting to see.

It’s worth the 3/4 of an hour.

Story: n/a
Acting: n/a
Production: 7.5

Nudity: 2.0
Sexiness: 2.0
Explicitness: 2.0

Date of viewing: March 13, 2016

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