Star Wars: Clone Wars, vol. 2

Star Wars - Clone Wars 2Synopsis: As seen on Cartoon Network, Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume Two concludes the epic adventures that bridge the story between Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Witness firsthand the trials of Anakin Skywalker and the secret ceremony in which he becomes a Jedi Knight. Then, follow the Jedi as they attempt to repel a surprise attack by General Grievous, on the galactic capital, Coruscant. Clone Wars Volume Two is filled with exciting galactic battles that lead directly to the beginning of Revenge of the Sith.


Star Wars: Clone Wars, vol. 2 7.75

eyelights: the animation. its structure. its direct link to the opening of ‘Revenge of the Sith’.
eyesores: the weaker, final chapter.

“Run, Jedi run! You have only prolonged the inevitable.”

The third season of ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ brought some significant changes to the series. While it continued to focus on the period between ‘Attack of the Clones‘ and ‘Revenge of the Sith’, it focused less on action and more on development, leading ultimately to the opening sequence in the final prequel film. It also adapted its format, eschewing the densely-packed 3-minute, 10-episode concept for 5 episodes of 12 minutes each.

While the first two seasons were entertaining in their own right, this new one (which is collected in full in this Volume 2 DVD) is more interesting from a plot point of view. Mind you, in this case, just having a plot is a significant start. Where it fails is in the last few moments, taking Anakin to his final Jedi trial, a largely unconvincing adventure featuring a race of obese troll-like warrior. But, on the whole, it’s worth seeing.

1. Episode 21: The season opens with Clone Troopers attacking the Droid Army, helping Master Ki-Adi-Mundi (a.k.a. penis head) overcome General Grievous. However, they let Grievous go to save their wounded, a cheap cop-out since they could have ended the war. The Jedi High Council debate making Anakin and a few others Knights without passing the trials for expediency’s sake, leading to a brief and largely underwhelming Knighting ceremony. Particular to this episode is crap music that sounded like the classic themes done on a Korg. Ick.

2. Episode 22: This one features a series of vignettes showing off the combat exploits of Anakin, denoting the passage of time and a change in his appearance. Eventually, Anakin leads Obi-Wan through sewers to get into a city they’ve had under siege for a month and shut down the generator. Despite their successes, however, the Droid Army is making significant advances elsewhere. Meanwhile, Count Dooku is training Grievous in the Jedi arts, leading the Chancellor and Mace Windu to send Anakin and Obi-wan on a recon to find the General.

3. Episode 23: Coruscant is under attack by the Droid Army, forcing Mace Windu and the other Jedi to counter-attack. Meanwhile, Anakin and Obi-wan have interrupted a rite of passage on Nelvaan and Anakin will have to make up for it, leading him to his final Jedi trial. This episode cuts between different vignettes this time, spreading the action evenly. The sequences with Windu and the other Jedi are excellent, exciting. Of particular note, Yoda demonstrates his skill with the Force on Coruscant; nothing is too big for him.

4. Episode 24: On Coruscant, General Grievous comes to capture the Chancellor, unaware that he is his master in disguise. A few Jedi try to protect him, turning the episode into a lengthy chase and hand-to-hand combat through Coruscant. Meanwhile, Anakin’s final trial, a journey through alien caves on Nelvaan, finds him having precognitive visions. He eventually stumbles upon an enemy base in the process, and in it all the area’s missing warriors, who have been mutated and cybernetically altered to do the enemy’s bidding.

5. Episode 25: We’re back to Coruscant, for more Jedi vs Droid Army action. Meanwhile, on Nelvaan, Anakin releases the warriors he found in the enemy base. It’s a bit silly, with the warriors swearing allegiance to Anakin and then a clichéd scene of a child bridging two camps. Awwwww. Not. On Coruscant, General Grievous escapes with the Chancellor, but not before Mace Windu leaves him… grievously wounded (*snort*). Essentially, the episode is a general wrap up and ends with a direct tie-in to ‘Revenge of the Sith’.

The animation remains superb throughout and, aside for the aforementioned crappy soundtrack in the first episode, is a high quality set throughout. Even though it doesn’t match its predecessors stylistically, it makes for a very good companion piece and, as a whole, ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ (not be confused with ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’) is a worthy addition to the franchise and any fan’s collection. Do check them out.

Date of viewing: December 8, 2015

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