Snarked!, vol. 1

Snarked 1Synopsis: Roger Langridge, the Harvey Award winner behind THE MUPPET SHOW and THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER, returns for an all-new, side-splitting adventure that can only be explained as…SNARKED! Journey with Langridge as he pulls the carpet out from under such Lewis Carroll classics as “The Walrus and The Carpenter,” “Through the Looking Glass,” and “The Hunting of the Snark,” creating an all-new world of humorous grandeur. Join Princess Scarlett as she and her baby brother Rusty outwit the villainous royal advisors and team up with the infamous Walrus and Carpenter to set sail in search of their father, the Red King, who has been lost at sea for six months. It’s a rip-roaring action-adventure comedy you won’t want to miss, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes content and commentary from Roger Langridge!


Snarked!, vol. 1, by Roger Langridge 6.0

After reading ‘Fred the Clown‘ again, I was really keen on reading more of Roger Langridge’s oeuvre. I had also quite enjoyed the rather unique ‘Art D’ecco’, and would have liked to revisit it, but the library no longer had it on its shelves.

I hate that they part with stuff instead of archiving it when they are no longer requested. It’s basically relegating more esoteric, less pop fare, to the dustbins if not the garbage. And what is a library if it isn’t a repository of knowledge?

In any case, I ended up with ‘Snarked!’, Langridge’s comic book series loosely based on Lewis Carrol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ characters – most notably the Walrus and carpenter from the poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter” in ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ .

I was optimistic, because I love Langridge’s quirky approach to his material and adore his artwork (the cover alone and a quick glance through its page suggested that he was on top of his game). Mixed up with Carrol, it promised great things.

Unfortunately, I was bored to tears with this book and struggled to get through each chapter. I plowed ahead, thinking that it would eventually pay off, or that I would get it, but neither ever happened. I simply didn’t like this book.

The story is alright, if contrived: it concerns a kingdom whose King has been missing for months. His preteen, but whip-smart daughter, ascends to the throne despite the machinations of the King’s advisors, who are behind his disappearance.

Thanks to information that the Cheshire Cat provides her with, the new Queen decides to escape the castle to go find her father and bring him back to his rightful place. But she and her toddler brother are chased after by the advisors’ minions.

Enter the Walrus and the Carpenter, who are struggling to make ends meet and only survive through the Walrus deviousness. The pre-teen Queen enlists their assistance in helping her find the King – much to their dismay, as they are both cowards.

Together, they have many misadventures.

It should be a terrific book, and critics are raving about it, but I really didn’t get the appeal. Perhaps I’m not well-versed on Carrol’s works enough to be able to judge it. Perhaps I”m missing something. But I didn’t even find the humour clever.

…something which was a staple of the other Langridge books I read.

Even the art was only of moderate interest to me, being plagued by simplistic layouts and uninteresting character designs – in particular the Queen and her brother, who looked nothing like children. This is nothing like his genius work on the other two books.

All told, I found ‘Snarked!’ mundane. It’s slightly quirky, but in a seemingly lackadaisical fashion, as though Langridge couldn’t be bothered. Unfortunately, this impression leaves me with the feeling that I shouldn’t be bothered reading any further.

I am cancelling my request for volume 2.

What do you think?

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