AlexandriaSummary: Alexandria will continue to delight the 3 million readers who fell in love with the epistolary romance of Griffin & Sabine. Awash with gorgeous artwork, the mystery of Griffin Moss and Sabine Strohem now entwines Matthew Sedon, an archaeologist steeped in Egyptian antiquity, and Isabella de Reims, a student in Paris whose vision holds the key to a new reality. Intrigue turns to danger and romance turns to passion as Matthew and Isabella struggle to make sense of a world-and feelings-beyond experience. Only the guidance of Griffin and Sabine, expert navigators of myth and reality, can keep them safe. Author and artist Nick Bantock brings a new sensuality and romance to his vivid dreamscapes and unique visual perspective. Alexandria is a breathtaking new chapter in a saga that has captured hearts, minds, and imaginations the world over.


Alexandria, by Nick Bantock 8.0

“Matthew, you have felt Isabella’s heat and the experience unnerved you. What if I were to tell you that your fears are back to front, that your failure to let go and fully embrace Isabella is the thing most likely to destroy you? That your coming together is an essential part of a grand design?” –Sabine

Nick Bantock is definitely defying the odds: despite what I’d been told I must admit that I’m enjoying this second ‘Griffin and Sabine‘ trilogy more than the first one. I hadn’t expected it. Given the tendency for sequels to falter in the originals’ wake, I imagined that it would be a pale reflection of his prior work.

In my mind, this is actually a stronger effort. So far at least.

Whereas the previous trilogy seemed slightly aimless and, from a plot perspective, didn’t really deliver. This one thus far connects many dots and adds a few layers of tension to build up the excitement. And the story is carefully crafted, giving us a more cohesive whole than its predecessors did – even at this juncture.

In ‘Alexandria’, the second part of ‘The Morning Star’ trilogy, Bantock begins to add danger to the proceedings, as Isabella and Matthew face strange occurrences and sinister forces. Further to that, Matthew is now steps away from making a historical discovery of considerable significance – something awe-inspiring.

Evidently both are in constant contact with one another by letter and postcard, and receive the guidance and assistance of Sabine and Griffin – who are the only ones who understand the circumstances, the events that are currently unfolding around them. Ever inscrutable, the pair add mystery to the affair.

To reveal any more would be to lift the veil on a mystery worth exploring. Bantock has certainly captured my attention this time. He also continues to impress with the attention he pours onto the design of each correspondence, whether it be the art, the stamps, the paper or even the calligraphy. It’s impressive.

And now I’m extremely eager to find out how the whole story will conclude. I look forward to reading each postcard, unfolding each letter, scrutinizing each page for information which likely will  be too esoteric for me to understand. ‘The Morning Star’ is on the horizon and I can only imagine what it will bring. I simply can’t wait to find out.

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