The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok

The Brand New Monty Python PapperbokSummary: What people have said about The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok

‘A triffically good book’ – Eric Idle (No relation)

‘A mantelpiece’ – Terry Jones (No relation at all) (‘He probably meant masterpiece’ Ed.)

‘Sorry, masterpiece’ – Terry Jones (‘I was right’ Ed.)

‘That rare thing – a really triffic book’ – John Cleese (Still no relation)

‘Absolutely triffic’ – Michael Palin (Not a relation)

‘I agree with Eric’ – Dr Graham Chapman (Still, strangely enough, no relation)

‘Really triffic’ – Terry Gilliam (What an incredible coincidence! No relation either)

‘Here is Monty Python’s eagerly awaited second book. In it the themes and patterns of the first book are stated and re-stated, but with a new and perceptive dramatic intensity which is really triffic, absolutely triffic. And the triffic thing about it is it’s so triffically good.’ – Ivy Compton-Burnett (No relation)


The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok, by Monty Python 8.0

This is a bok by Monte Pithon. It is a nice bok, made with papper. It wasn’t always made with papper. It was once a hard cover bok called ‘The Brand New Monty Python Bok’ (note, no “Papper”). For discretion, that version had a sleeve over it called ‘Tits and Bums’ so as to conceal the actual content of the bok.

This bok is so practical. It even comes with safety instructions in three languages, features The Python Book of Etiquette, and advises readers that Page 71 is coming soon – just in case they might miss it! AND it warns against hamsters. Truly, it’s a well-thought out tome that carefully considers its readership.

But that’s not all! The book is fun, too! It features a Join the Dots page, a Cheese Shop game, an Astrology section, film reviews, anagrams, cartoons, a puzzle, and all sorts of other things that will have you riveted for a split second:

  • Want to learn how to make Rat Soufflé? Dig in!
  • Don’t feel like joining the British Apathy League? Find out how not to!
  • Need an emergency appendectomy and are stuck on the Piccadilly Line? Consult the bok’s trusty DIY!
  • Looking to get into movie-making? The rights to Page 6 are STILL available!
  • Want to become a Master of Llap-Goch? Who’s stopping you? Not this bok!

Who could ask for more? The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok, while not so brand new now (some 40 years later), is everything one could hope for in a bok: it has laughs, it has tears, it has heart, it has spleen, it is jam-packed with culture, it provides advice, it comes with inserts, it features adverts.

And it’s made with papper.

Bok lovers have never had it so good (especially when served with a side order of Spam).

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