Forbidden World

Forbidden WorldSynopsis: On the planet Xarbia, an experimental life-form known as “Subject 20” has been created by an elite group of scientists in hopes of preventing a major galactic food crisis. However, instead of prolonging life, Subject 20 is destroying it, and the man-eating organism poses a double threat because it constantly changes its genetic structure. Bounty hunter Mike Colby is called in to investigate but soon suspects that the scientists are keeping something from him, and he discovers why….Subject 20 is half-human!

Forbidden World 3.75

eyelights: the biutiful nekkid wymen.
eyesores: the direction. the script. the editing.

I knew very well what I was getting myself into when I sat down to watch this piece of crap. I had read the blu-ray review and even re-read it much later to be 100% before buying the disc.  But I was hoping that it might prove slightly more appealing than it is, based on the not-so-bad review (Full disclosure: I was likely also spurred onward by the promise of gratuitous nudity. That happens sometimes… Don”t know why…).

But, essentially, I guess I was hoping that it might be bad enough to laugh at, or just good enough to label it as a rough gem. Sadly, it is neither.

In my estimation, ‘Forbidden World’ is a poorly-conceived, low-budget science fiction thriller. It comes off as an ‘Alien‘ or ‘The Thing’ clone/hybrid but without any of the skill or intelligence to make it work. It’s difficult to defend the trailer-trash cousin of a couple of world-renowned geniuses, and I won’t even try to: this is a dumb movie based on pseudo-science, made with an obvious dearth of cash and limited technical skill.

*MAJOR spoiler alert*

It’s poorly directed
-There’s this sequence when the scientists go to meet our protagonist, who is a professional troubleshooter (Really? There’s such a thing?). First we see Barbara walk towards the elevator to meet with him. Then, halfway through, the head of research walks towards her and joins her, turns around and walks back from whence he came. Which means that he came FROM the elevator and is going back to it. Um…

-Then there’s the fact that the base’s occupants have to walk for hours just to get to the showers. Obviously, the purpose was to show off the scrumptiousness of the actress, but you have to give it a rest when your characters can’t shower anywhere near the living quarters. “See ya Jim! I’m heading out for my daily trek to the bathroom! See you at dusk!””Don’t forget to bring the toilet paper, Doc!”. These people mustn’t shower very often. Which is a shame, because the girls are kind of lovely.

It features some of the weakest editing I’ve seen of late

-For instance, the space battle at the beginning was so poorly chucked together that it was near-impossible to figure out what was happening. Why have a battle if you can’t figure any of it out? Well, it worked for ‘The Bourne Identity’, I suppose…

-And then there are the shots of lovemaking that were cut into various scenes, including the scene where the security guy was trying to find the alien. Um… why? No one was making “the sweet love” at that point. Was it because it was on his mind? Were the filmmakers alluding to something deeper that totally escaped me? Or were they just trying to spruce up a lagging film? Yeah… I’m betting on the latter, too.

There are continuity errors galore

-I just couldn’t keep track of them, but, as an example, our hero switches off his robot whilst in the elevator, after meeting up with the scientists – but, in the next shot, it’s clearly standing outside the elevator. Yikes.

It’s plain unsmart – this must be the worst run lab AND outpost in the galaxy

-This place knows nothing of privacy. They have cameras absolutely everywhere – even, conveniently enough for us, in the bedrooms. I mean, I don’t mind getting to watch people frolicking naked, but there’s no reason why the security people should too. If I worked there, I’d have a serious issue with these peeping toms.

-Since they have cameras everywhere, including the lab, why did the head of research feel the need to send a victim cleaning person in to watch on the now-cocooned mutant for unusual activity? Seal the god-dammed room and watch at a distance, you dope!

-But, to make matters worse, not only do they send someone in, they left the beast to its whim – they didn’t ensure that the examination booth would remain closed! In fact, it was very obviously easy to open.

-Then they failed to quarantine the room after its “surprise” attack – which was hilariously over-the-top, I must say! If it weren’t for the fact that it’s not meant to be a comedy, I’d have put this as one fine comic performance – the guy was quite literally throwing himself everywhere, breaking through glass at every turn. TOO funny!

-Their lab tech is constantly coughing, and it sounds horrible. He’s obviously not healthy. So why isn’t he being checked for contamination? If not out of concern for his health, then at the very least the others should be worried about their own. Who wants to be infected with whatever he’s got when you’re stuck on a remote outpost deep in space?

-When Earl disappears, all the others think is that he must be at his monitors. But they don’t check, even though it’s out of character and they’ve got a mutant on the loose. Furthermore, Tracy then spends quite a lot of time alone at the monitors. And… doesn’t even notice that he’s not there. Or alert the others, obviously. Sheesh.

All of this is just at a glance. There’s more! Ai carumba! MST3K would have had quite the time blasting this stinker!

*MAJOR spoiler alert*

Honestly, the only truly positive thing that I can say about ‘Forbidden World’ is that the two female leads are relatively succulent (the filmmakers obviously agreed: they have a preposterous shower scene together!) and that some of the cast was decent enough. It’s hardly the worst film I’ve ever seen (echoes of ‘Alien’ and ‘The Thing’ aren’t exactly a bad thing), and no doubt that I’ll see much worse by the year’s end – but it’s not a picture I’m going to want to revisit anytime soon. Or ever.

Um… except for the original director’s cut, I mean, which apparently turned the film into a comedy. Hmmm… my curiosity is piqued.

Date of viewing: January 2, 2013

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