Tank Girl: The Gifting

Tank Girl - The GiftingSummary: In these days of ultra-serious mega-crossovers, comics gets exactly what it’s been needing – a jolt of adrenaline courtesy of the too-long-absent Tank Girl! Co-creator Alan C. Martin is back to offer redemption to anyone who sat through the Tank Girl movie, and what’s more, this time the book’s art chores will be handled by artist/painter Ashley Wood! Get ready for a fun and unconventional ride through the Tank Girl universe.

Tank Girl: The Gifting, by Alan Martin, Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo 6.0

Well, the brakes have been hit on my appreciation of Tank Girl. While I truly enjoyed ‘The Odyssey‘, I found ‘The Gifting’ laborious and meaningless.

Now, I understand that Alan Martin is one of the creators of Tank Girl, so it’s likely just that I don’t “get” Tank Girl and that ‘The Odyssey’ was a lovely bastard child of the series. That’s likely, even, given my appreciation of Peter Milligan’s work.

But this collection of short stories, snippets, goofy poetry and artwork really left me cold. I can handle mindlessness, but it has to have some direction and wit (ex: ‘The Big Lebowski). ‘The Gifting’ has neither: I don’t find it at all funny, and it goes nowhere.

The art doesn’t help things much. While Wood and Dayglo make a good team when he does the penciling and she does the colouring, they mostly work separately in this book. Sadly, they don’t succeed nearly as much on their own – Wood’s art is too loose and Dayglo’s lacks dimension.

Together, however, they are astounding – as evidenced in some of the artwork that they collaborated on, and which is found in the book’s outtakes section.

But, beyond that, there’s not much to recommend in this compilation graphic novel. In fact, until I have a better sense of what Tank Girl is about, I would probably dissuade anyone from starting their own Tank Girl odyssey with this volume.

Surely there must be some better examples out there. We’ll see…

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