The Clouds Above

The Clouds Above, by Jordan Crane 5.0

Honestly, I feel terrible giving this book a low rating. It’s a decent book: the writing, the characters, the art, the tale, the storytelling, are all well-done.

But I was SO incredibly bored throughout. I just couldn’t care at all about Simon and Jack’s adventures playing hooky from school, climbing up a stairway to the skies and floating around on a cloud creature. indifferent0004 Free Emoticons   Indifferent

I’m sure this book might tease the imagination of certain age groups, but, for whatever reason, it simply didn’t do anything for me. And it’s not ’cause I’m an old coot, either, as my love of Squaredy Squirrel will no doubt attest to. winking0002 Free Emoticons   Winking

I just can’t dis ‘The Clouds Above’. I don’t see anything worthy of criticism in any part of it. It’s a quality book. I was simply not its target audience. No more, no less.

What do you think?

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