Incorruptible, vol. 2

Incorruptible, vol. 2, by Mark Waid and Horacio Domingues 7.75

Lo and behold, volume 2 of ‘Incorruptible’ was a massive improvement over the first one! happy0021 Free Emoticons   Happy I never anticipated such a dramatic shift, given how weak the other one was throughout – and especially since a series usually starts off strong, packing a wallop to reel in an audience.

But, startlingly, this volume patches up a lot of the problems that almost had me quit after but one book – most notably, the impression that it was poorly written, that it was filled with inconsistent logic throughout, in many characters’ various behaviour.

I especially liked that Max Damage no longer gets insanely self-righteous and starts to be more nuanced in his view of heroism. That feels more realistic given his previous incarnation as a major @$$hole. Now we find a hero who is less intent on being Captain America or Superman and more along the lines of The Punisher or Batman (depending on the version that you subscribe to, of course winking0002 Free Emoticons   Winking).

Having said this, given that he’s supposed to be a hero, I am constantly flummoxed by the property damage that MD inflicts without even thinking that this is breaking the law. Given all his preachiness about walking that line, he seems to have his blinders on with respect not only to the basic principle of such actions but also the fact that he is endangering people in so doing. confused

I also despise that he keeps telling his ex-partner that she is under-age and, thus, that they can no longer be together. Firstly, it must depend on which state or federal district they’re in, as laws change from one place to the next. Secondly, why doesn’t he just admit that he still loves or desires her but that they’ll have to wait a couple of years to resume their relationship? Why be such a d!ck? mad0071 Free Emoticons   Anger

All in all, even though it has moments that are as ludicrous as they are exciting, this second volume of ‘Incorruptible’ was a welcome change and gave the series a much-needed injection of adrenaline. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone (it’s not that great), but I was pulled in it by it and am now looking forward to the next set of books. happy0027 Free Emoticons   Happy

Post scriptum: I must say that I’m really unhappy with Boom! Studios’ penchant for including only 4 issues per volume. sad0133 Free Sad Emoticons I mean, I know that they need to turn a profit, but this seems like a total rip off to me – so much so that I would never consider buying one of these trade paperbacks. It’s not even a better deal than the single issues: the individual ones are 4$ a piece, whereas the trade paperback is 17$. Hmmm… confused

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