Brice de Nice

Synopsis: An eternal adolescent even though he’s nearly thirty, Brice has become a surfer, a winner, a rising star! Like Patrick Swayze in Point Break, he’s waiting for the wave, HIS wave … in Nice. However, nobody dares laugh at him: with his quick wit, Brice’s specialty is his sharp repartee. It does him well when reality catches up one day…

Brice de Nice 6.0

When I first saw ‘Brice de Nice’ on DVD, I immediately dismissed it. Not only did it look like a slacker film of limited appeal, but it was done à la française – and, frankly, a Bill and Ted-type film in French really didn’t appeal to me. confused

Then I watched ‘OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d’espion’ and was charmed by Jean Dujardin enough so that I started reconsidering my position. He became pretty much omnipresent in the last couple of years, and eventually garnered much acclaim for his turn in ‘L’Artiste’.

This wasn’t quite enough to push me towards ‘Brice de Nice’, although my aversion had been tempered. What made the difference is that a buddy of mine has developed a small fascination with the actor and has since recommended some of his other films. This made me think that perhaps I should give Dujardin another shot.

And, thus, I picked up ‘Brice de Nice’ when I stumbled upon it in a dustbin after bringing in some of my DVDs for a trade. happy0024 Free Emoticons   Happy

Recently, my buddy and I made a few failed attempts at watching it. Being railroaded time and again only built up a desire to see the darned thing – even though it did not appeal to anyone else we knew, and I had even been advised against seeing it by another friend of mine. ‘Brice de Nice’ was on our radar, and we were going to see it once and for all!

Turns out that ‘Brice de Nice’ is pretty much all that I could have expected: it’s the low-brow, moronic tale of a goofy, cretinous man-boy – one that isn’t too far removed from Austin Powers (in fact, the humour wouldn’t be too far off from Michael Myers’ own stuff, including ‘Wayne’s World’). It has its fun, amusing moments, but it would probably only be a hit in certain circles, including pre-teen boys.

The story is very conventional: our hero is a cool, extremely popular guy (despite his many flaws, such as selfishness and a disrespect of others!) who hits a slump after a personal set-back, and has to learn some life lessons on his way back up. Thankfully, they managed to tweak the tale just enough that it wasn’t entirely rote, with a note-for-note familiarity. The changes are miniscule, but nonetheless appreciated.

‘Brice de Nice’ was originally a series of shorts, which were the basis for this (much) later film. They were obviously popular enough to warrant the making of this picture, even though its success doesn’t really translate in any true value. Perhaps it only served as a launching pad for Dujardin’s then-blossoming career. So I suppose that this would be enough to warrant its existence. happy0027 Free Emoticons   Happy

Otherwise, ‘Brice de Nice’ is nothing but a blip on the radar, culturally-speaking; it contributes nothing new and changes absolutely nothing. ‘Brice’ is as empty as its empty-headed protagonist. indifferent0004 Free Emoticons   Indifferent

What do you think?

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