Daybreak, by Brian Ralph 8.0

‘Daybreak’ is a book that I probably wouldn’t have been reeled in by at first glance, but it was recommended by a friend of mine. It’s a good thing that he did. happy0024 Free Emoticons   Happy

While it’s not the best book I’ve ever read, it is a stand-out in that it’s done from a first-person perspective – something I don’t recall seeing in comic books or a graphic novel before (another friend of mine, who has read his share of graphic novels, also could not recall seeing this technique before).

The story is told without any dialogue on our protagonist’s part, meaning that we only see what he/she is seeing and reading what he/she is hearing. It’s already quite clever the way that Ralph integrated all the exchanges with other characters (despite the lack of verbal communication), but, just seeing things from this perspective was quite a treat..

Having said this, ‘Daybreak’ is a somber tale of survival in what is a landscape over-run with zombies. This set-up is not clear at first unless one reads the back cover (which I didn’t!), because the zombies remain unseen for most of the book, but what we’re experiencing is an apocalypse; civilization has dissolved and very few human beings seem to remain. scared0014 Free Scared Emoticons

The art is imperfect, but it is stylish enough that it made for a relatively pleasant read. The staging of the first-person perspectives weren’t always that self-evident, however, but it still gives the reader a good idea of what’s going on. Sometimes, though, I had to look at some pages twice to really get the flow.

Still, this makes for a memorable read. The story isn’t anything new and the characters aren’t that engaging, but Ralph’s approach takes the material to another level. happy0027 Free Emoticons   Happy

What do you think?

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