Life With Mr. Dangerous

Life With Mr. Dangerous, by Paul Hornschemeier 7.0

‘Life With Mr. Dangerous’ is a slightly bland tale about a bored girl who is emotionally confused: she is ambivalent about her work as a store clerk, has mixed feelings about her relationship with her mother, and is a tad neurotic where her love life is concerned.

The only thing she truly enjoys is her favourite programme, ‘Mr. Dangerous’, a cartoon that seems as peculiar as it is inexplicable. We only get snippets of the show playing from time to time, as well as in her daydreams. In fact, after reading the whole book, I still don’t know what the show’s about. indifferent0004 Free Emoticons   Indifferent

The art adequately portrays the story, but it didn’t capture me in any way. I’d say the cover is the best part because it’s a heightened version of what’s inside, with air-brushed shadows and more of a three-dimensional quality. I can neither complain nor applaud the work, even though I’m sure a lot of effort went into it.

I’ve read plenty of books and watched many movies about bland characters, and it’s all in the delivery. In graphic novels, I prefer Ware’s style both for the storytelling and visual style. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with ‘Life With Mr. Dangerous’, but it just didn’t capture my imagination.

I may or may not check out another Hornschemeier book. À voir.

What do you think?

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