Irredeemable, vol. 5

Irredeemable, vol. 5, by Mark Waid and Peter Krause 7.75

With this book, Waid offers us a more human and psychological profound than in previous efforts. He digs into The Plutonian’s own personal thoughts a bit more and this helps us understand what has been going on with him. We also explore the new team dynamics of The Paradigm and the way the world’s denizens are coping with constant terror.

I liked the revelations in this book; they seemed consistent with the characters’ behaviour. The ante has been upped both with relation to The Plutonian and the world’s fate, but we also peel away more layers on some of the superheroes that have been at The Plutonian’s side before he cracked.

Power-mad superheroes, evil geniuses, alien invasions, betrayals, twist and turns. Volume 5 of Irredeemable is very much a page-turner. happy0021 Free Emoticons   Happy I’m looking forward to the next book, to see what happens next. The final page of this one suggests that much of this is the product of one man’s personal delusions, but we’ll just have to wait and see. happy0024 Free Emoticons   Happy

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