Little Lit: Folklore and Fairytale Funnies

Little Lit: Folklore and Fairytale Funnies, by various authors and artists 7.0

I picked this one at the library bookstore based on a quick browse through its pages. From what I saw, and based on the names that were enlisted for this anthology of modern takes on age-old classics, I figured that I simply could not go wrong.

The tales are enjoyable, but hardly memorable or fantastic. Some are funnier or more original than others, but it’s not really a book I’d read again. Of course, the authors have very little space to develop their ideas – most stories are told in the span of four pages.

If anything, it’s worth it for the artistic composition alone. There are numerous artists involved with this project and all have a very distinct but appealing style. It makes for quite a visual feast, and there’s no doubt a little bit of everything for everyone. happy0027 Free Emoticons   Happy

I’d be interested to read another such volume, to at least see if it gets any better. It is quite an appealing concept, and it was executed well enough to warrant another go. However, I suspect that the more literary types might find a lot more to sink their teeth into with ‘Little Lit’ than I did.

What do you think?

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