La forêt de l’oubli, vol. 2

La forêt de l’oubli, vol. 2, by Nadja 4.5

I don’t know what happened between the first volume and this one, but the author has now completely lost my interest. indifferent0004 Free Emoticons   Indifferent

This part of the adventure is dull, dull, dull. I can’t even imagine children finding this one appealing in any way; it feels so uninspired, as though this was a filler book to get to the next one.

The artwork is drab. There are no appealing colours whatsoever; everything looks murky, muddy. The rendering is sloppy (but hardly surprising, considering the medium) and the character designs are uninspired at best. indifferent0004 Free Emoticons   Indifferent

I will read the next volume if only because it’ll complete the series. But I’ve also read that it’s quite good; I’m crossing my fingers that this proves to be true.

What do you think?

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