Les femmes

Synopsis:  When a womanizing novelist suffers from writer’s block, he hires Clara as his new secretary and erotic inspiration. As the writer reveals the most intimate details of the women in his life, he finds himself becoming obsessed with the free-spirited sexuality of his beautiful new employee. Les Femmes captures permissive French morality in the late 1960’s…and delivers Bardot at her most luscious.

Les femmes 7.5

‘Les femmes’ is a unique portrait of a serial bachelor, a man who is obsessed with women, but can’t commit to any of them.

(While it’s been done before, I wonder how fresh this was when this was originally released way back in 1969. Was it novel then?)

What makes the film interesting (and perhaps even distinctive) is that it’s done as a confessional, from the writer to his secretary, for the sake of writing another best-selling memoir. It’s voyeuristic, in that we end up watching him reveal himself for 90 mins, with a few breaks interspersed to make it easier to digest.

Our lead is hardly a likeable character, however: he’s a smug, entitled, flavourless man who’s difficult to relate to. Still, the way his story is told makes him a more fascinating subject than he would typically be (i.e. I’m sure that I’d find him bland as heck in real life, one-on-one).

He’s paired up with Brigitte Bardot, in the role of his secretary. Frankly, I still don’t find her sexy at all. I know other men do, and that she was probably still a top draw then, but she reminds me of Pamela Anderson: worn, tired… and bleached. So very bleached. Not sexy at all, and not even remotely attractive to me. I really don’t get the appeal. confused

There are, however, TONS of eye-candy in this film, as the writer discusses his various love affairs and encounters with women throughout his life. It’s not very balanced, unfortunately, in that he’s the only male character of any significance – and he’s hardly a top-draw, despite his purported magnetism. sad0038 Free Sad Emoticons

There’s not much to say about a film such as this one, being that it’s mostly uneventful, narrative. It’s a solid drama. And yet, bizarrely, it’s labelled as a comedy. Granted, there were a few comedic moments – but they were so poorly executed that they weren’t enjoyable or funny. But even those were extremely rare, so I don’t get it.

Basically, ‘Les femmes’ is a good drama – but it’s not highly memorable nor does it have much repeat value.

What do you think?

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