À la rencontre du Père Noël

Synopsis: Every year men put on red suits, stuff pillows under their belts, and transform themselves into the best possible approximation of Santa Claus. But who are these men in Red Suits personifying? A Christian saint or a pagan deity? A toy salesman, a soft-drink spokesman, or a mystical being who can fulfill every child’s dream? The answer is as diverse as the men who choose to embody the character.

À la rencontre du Père Noël 7.5

Short as it is, this documentary delves into our modern connection with Santa Claus more so than in the history of Santa Claus and how he became what he is today. It does make references to Santa Claus’ origins along the way, but mostly as reference points; if the viewer doesn’t already have a sense of what the filmmakers are talking about, it might be somewhat unfulfilling.

Even though it’s not super informative, it is nonetheless an interesting piece. It lifts the veil on the significance of Santa Claus in modern Europe and North America through various interviews with people who take Santa Claus to heart – children and adults alike. It also shows us many signs of the coin, from the religious to the traditionalists to the curious.

It’s a fascinating journey. While I wish that it gave us more meat to sink our teeth into, it’s substantial enough for repeat viewing and sharing with friends and family. No doubt that some excellent conversations about the value of Santa Claus and the meaning of Christmas would come of it. happy0024 Free Emoticons   Happy

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