Michael Lives: The Making of Halloween

Michael Lives: The Making of Halloween 8.25

Included on the Blu-ray and the 3-DVD edition of ‘Halloween (2007)’, this exhaustive behind the scenes documentary covers it all. From pre-production to a daily account of everything that took place during the filming, this four and a half hour film (yes, 4.5 hours!!! jumping0050 Free Emoticons   Jumping) gives you all you could possibly want to know about how they made this movie, short of in-depth interviews (which are available as part of the other special features).

One reviewer said that the blu-ray is worth the price for this documentary alone, even if you don’t think much of the feature. I tend to agree. happy0027 Free Emoticons   Happy

It’s amazing how much one can pick up from a bird’s eye view. Everyone appears to be enjoying the work, despite the long hours (it probably helps that Rob Zombie brings in a familiar core crew and cast from one movie to the next, so they already have a good working relationship). Zombie also appears on top of his game, even though he attest to preferring doing his own material over someone else’s.

In fact, he’s so involved and masterful (a lot of the crew is amazed by how quickly he picks up new skills along the way and how perceptive he is) that, after seeing this film, I’d be inclined to think that we were seeing a genius director finally borne after years of honing his craft. Of course, he then he made the dreadful ‘Halloween II (2009)’. So much for that, then. mad0071 Free Emoticons   Anger

Anyway, all this to say that this is such an enjoyable watch that the time flies by. It’s probably best to break it down in parts (the blu-ray allows the viewer to watch it in chapters of about 25-30 mins), but it can also be watched in one sitting, if one is capable of watching long films. There’s really nothing boring about this behind the scenes doc. happy0024 Free Emoticons   Happy

PS: I know that it’s a bit late in the game to watch this epic documentary on Hallowe’en night itself, but, perhaps it’s something to consider for next year (or, maybe this week, in its aftermath). It certainly gives an eye-opening look at just what it takes to make a film – even one like ‘Halloween (2007)’, one we’d think wouldn’t be such a big deal to put together considering the genre.

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