Wacky Packages, vol. 2

Wacky Packages, vol. 2 by various authors and artists 8.0

Do you remember those Wacky Packages stickers? I sure do! They’re one of my fondest childhood memories. I loved buying packs of these, chewing that awesome gum and trading stickers with friends to try to complete my collection. cool0037 Free Emoticons   Cool

Well, there’s no need to look any further!

Topps decided to compile the many ’70s series of Wacky packages into (so far!) two small coffee table books, complete with a reproduction of all the original sticker artwork – some of it quite brilliant indeed. happy0052 Free Emoticons   Happy

Whereas the first volume showed the writers muddling their way through, coming up with somewhat lacklustre concepts, they hit their stride by the time these sets of stickers came out. In my estimation, it’s far superior in content and execution.

Of course, my appreciation of the material might heightened due to nostalgia: a friend of mine who also remembered Wacky Packages looked at one of the books and thought that the gags were really lame.

To each’s own. Personally, I’m very pleased both purchases. They bring back lots of great memories. And laughs. happy0143 Free Emoticons   Happy

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