New & Used Blab!

New & Used Blab! by various authors and artists 8.25

This is a collection of comic strips, graphic art and stories. Some of it is new to this volume and some of it is from old issues of ‘Blab!’.

I didn’t know anything about this magazine, but I stumbled upon this book at the library’s bookstore for couple of $$. After browsing through it, I decided that the artwork was appealing enough to warrant the purchase.

Well, not only is it worth the purchase, it’s worth the shelf space at home! And it’s worth checking out future issues of the magazine! 🙂

I totally loved the mishmash of different styles, visual and written. The bits range from sober reporting to narrative-driven fiction to puzzling abstractions. Most of the material is rather quirky, if not outright strange, and it would not be suitable for all readers, but it does have some down-to-earth stuff along the way.

In my estimation, it’s a very nice anthology. I’m terribly pleased to have discovered it. 🙂

What do you think?

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