X’ed Out

X’ed Out by Charles Burns 7.75

It’s difficult to discuss this book because it is a bit surreal. Thankfully, I’ve read Burns’ works before so I expected it – and It’s a weirdness that I like; it’s strange, but not too strange. Let’s just say that some of the happenings could be at home in David Cronenberg’s films such as ‘Existenz’, ‘Naked Lunch’, ‘Videodrome’. The key difference is that this doesn’t feel as sinister to me.

I loved the artwork: it has a clean, pleasant style. I like that Burns changed style to reflect the character’s reality versus what appears to be a dream state (or some sort of dementia – he has had some sort of head surgery). It gives an extra dimension to the material.

I was disappointed to find out that it was the first part of a series, however; I was expecting the ending to not be open-ended; I wanted more finality. Still, it’s a quick read and it’s a good one if you want something a bit unusual. 🙂

What do you think?

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