The Odd Couple II

Synopsis: Some arguments stand the test of time.

The times may have changed, but thankfully not the traits that make ex-roomies Felix (Lemmon) and Oscar (Matthau) the all-time perfect mismatch. Oscar is still an uncompromising slob who thinks a brown sock and a black sock is close enough. Felix is still a fussbudget who can’t pass a spice rack without arranging it alphabetically. After years of going their separate ways, the two are together again, en route to the wedding of Oscar’s son to Felix’s daughter. They’ve got the map, the rental car, a tankful of Simon’s comedy zingers, and they’re getting 1,000 smiles to the gallon.

The Odd Couple II 6.75

17 years after seeing each other for the last time, Oscar and Felix are back at it again. Except that they don’t have the same vigour, and they’re no longer confined to a New York apartment. No, in this film they’re taken out on the road. Think of this film as ‘Road Trip’ for septuagenarians.

Thus, we get the familiar faces, getting on each other’s nerves as can be expected, mixed in with an exploding car, countless arrests, a kidnapping, and the many other trappings of buddy-buddy adventure comedies. Left well behind in the dust is the original’s sense that we’re watching a play fleshed out as cinema. Unfortunate.

In the end, ‘The Odd Couple II’ is entertaining, for sure, but it leaves one feeling that we’re getting fast food instead of a real meal.

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