Synopsis: A temptingly tasteful comedy for adults who can count.

On a laughter scale, Blake Edwards’ “10”, a spicy comedy of manners, morals, and midlife crises, hits the top. It’s a film of many moods, sometimes sexy, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes slapstick – but always on target. That target is forty two year old composer, George Webber (Dudley Moore), a man who has everything – and who may just chuck it all in an obsessive quest for a beautiful woman (Bo Derek) he glimpses en route to her wedding.

“10” 7.5

Sad to say, but despite the almost omnipresent media coverage of Bo Derek running on the beach, and the subsequent exposure the film received, I had never seen this film until now – over 30 years later.

It’s a solid film, mixing drama and comedy like Edwards often did towards the end. Here, he does it effortlessly and it’s a terrific mix. The performances by Moore and Andrews are very good, absolutely credible, so the film breezes by – irrespective of its full 2-hour length (another Edwards tradition).

As for Bo Derek, it’s hardly surprising that her career only lasted so long: she only served as eye candy, the Megan Fox her days, I suppose. Except that the lens caresses her lovingly, here, whereas the camera has leered at Fox pornographically.

I almost gave this one an 8.0, except that the film petered out towards the end. Still, for a story that’s about a 40-year old man’s midlife crisis, a dismally dull topic if any, it held up most of the way – and even manages to be ageless.

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