Grumpier Old Men

Synopsis: Still Yelling. Still Fighting. Still Ready For Love.

The more things change, the more they hilariously stay the same in Wabasha, Minnesota. The uncatchable fish named Catfish Hunter grows fatter. The wisecracks, zingers and putdowns pile up like freshly raked leaves. And the Grumpy Old Men become grumpier in this delightful sequel.

Grumpier Old Men 5.5

I hated this when I first saw it. This time, I have a bit more of a tempered opinion: it’s MUCH weaker than the original, yes, but it’s hardly the worst film I’ve ever seen. It has its moments.

But where the original was charming, this one provides cheap sentimentality. As well, conflicts come quickly are are easily resolved. There is no complexity to the characters or situations – to the point that it defies credibility. And the jokes aren’t nearly as funny.

Basically, ‘Grumpier Old Men’ is to ‘Grumpy Old Men’ as ‘Three Men and a Little Lady’ is to ‘Three Men and a Baby’ or ‘Sister Act’ to ‘Sister Act 2’; they all tried to replicate the formula, but failed miserably. It’s not for no reason that there wasn’t a third part to any of those series. :/

Alas, after the first 15-20 mins (which were actually pretty good), this one went downhill all the way to the end. From the moment Sophia Loren showed up, actually – which is too bad, because I have a soft spot for Loren. However, her character defied reason and her sunburnt and collagen ‘look’ was creepy.

It’s not her fault – the film has flaws all around. It’s only the defining moment when things noticeably go downhill. And it’s a shame, ’cause I’m a big fan of ‘Grumpy Old Men’. I would have loved a ‘Grumpy/Grumpier/Grumpiest’ trilogy of consistent quality.

What do you think?

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