Blood Simple

Synopsis: This critically-acclaimed thriller set in rural Texas combines chilling suspense with offbeat humor to create an all-American version of the classic “film noir.”

Abby (Frances McDormand) is cheating on her saloonkeeper husband, Marty (Dan Hedaya). The object of her affections is Ray (John Getz), one of Marty’s bartenders. Marty hires Visser (M.Emmet Walsh), an unscrupulous detective, to kill them but Visser has other, more lucrative plans of his own. So begins a calculating round of double and triple crosses that build to a bloodcurdling, surprise-filled climax. It’s an evil-minded masterpiece from the exciting team of Joel and Ethan Coen.

Blood Simple 8.5

The Coen Brothers’ first film, and it’s still very solid to this day. In fact, I enjoyed more this time around than the first time I saw it. I”m not sure if it’s because this is the ‘Director’s Cut’, which is 3 mins shorter due to a tighter editing of the scenes, but it was a wholly engrossing experience this time around.

The performances by Dan Hedaya (Who’s never been better! He must have been trying to prove himself and shake his ‘Cheers’ persona 😉 and Frances McDormand alone are worth the time, but the script is brilliant. As the the film weaves itself into a tight knot, it’s amazing to watch the characters complete lose sense of who they can trust, of each others’ motivations and of a basic understanding of what’s going on. It’s total, deliciously sastifying, confusion.

They call it “neo noir” and I’m not surprised; it’s a film to watch in the dark, preferrably late at night, to really get the full, gritty flavour. What a great, suspenseful, crime drama!

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